Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spa Fabulous Organic Cleanse and Polish Exfoliator

Ever since Lisa Snowdon introduced me to Spa Fabulous products I have been totally enamoured by the brand.

For starters, every product is Paraben(preservative), Petrochemical (petroleum by-product), Sulphate (foaming agent), artificial fragrance and colour free. Add to that the organic, luxurious and highly effective ingredients and you are on to a winner.

I have already written about their amazing "Bliss for your Skin face Oil" which I apply before I go to bed. It is full of the most wonderful ingredients and I always wake up glowing.

My new must have product from the range is their Organic Cleanse and Polish Exfoliator. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the best I have ever used. It is a great consistency and as it scrubs away your imperfections, it is balanced by the beautiful and healing oils that make the base of the exfoliator. Everything about this scrub feels good....the smell, the sensation on the skin and above all, the instant glow after you use it.

Here's the ingredient list to give you a feel for the product:

Sweet Almond (nourishing and softening)

Lemongrass (improves texture)

Rosehip Seed Oil (helps scarring and is rich in Omega fatty acids)

Lavender (deep cleansing and anti-inflamatory)

Salyclic Acid (5%) (digests dead skin cells)

The exfoliator is £36 and well worth the price. Your face will thank you!!

You can order this and other Spa Fabulous products at

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